Brady Mauermann-Peterson

-Web Developer

My Game News desktop site My Game News mobile site

My Game News

Full-stack single page application using Angular on the front end, and NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and the Steam API on the backend.

Angular 4 Angular CLI JavaScript ES6 MongoDB Steam API Angular Flex-Layout SPA Material Design NodeJS
Single page application that enables users to follow the latest news from Steam on their watchlist of games. Material Design-inspired, with fast and fluid animations.

Overwatch Stats desktop site Overwatch Stats mobile site

Overwatch Stats

Front-end static site that uses Handlebars for templating. Consumes two different APIs and includes form validation.

Bootstrap HandleBars JavaScript jQuery Overwatch API OW API Gulp
The site pulls users' Overwatch statistics from one API, and hero information from another. The homepage allows users to toggle on display of heroes, and compare statistics with animated stat bar visualizations.

Twitter Stream desktop site Twitter Stream mobile site

Tweet Track

Full-stack site using NodeJS, Express, and SocketIO on the backend and EJS templating for the front-end.

NodeJS Twitter API Express RESTful Routing MongoDB Mongoose Passport EJS Heroku
The site streams tweets that match user entered keywords. Includes authentication with Twitter using Passport. Routes are protected, and follow REST conventions. SocketIO is used to stream the tweets to users' DOM.

GIF Tab desktop site GIF Tab mobile site

GIF Tab Chrome Extension

Chrome extension built using JavaScript and the GIPHY API.

JavaScript ES6/ES2015 GIPHY API JavaScript Module Pattern AJAX
Chrome extension released onto the Chrome Web Store. It replaces the new tab interface with a responsive grid of trending GIFs. GIFs are pulled from the GIPHY REST API, and the URLs are cached to the user's local storage. Extension is desiged to be lightweight, and uses optimized GIFs to save bandwith and decrease load time.

Portfolio desktop site Portfolio mobile site


Static site built with bootstrap- you're on it right now!

Bootstrap JavaScript
This site is designed to be simple, clean, and responsive.